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A Passion for Home Care

About Us

Who We Are

A-1 Absolute Best Care L.L.C. (A-1 ABC) is a for-profit corporation. It was organized in 1998 with the intent to provide optimal care and services to individuals in need of assistive living services. Our company’s policies and procedures are based on the rule of the State of Louisiana Waiver document as listed in LAC 50:XXI. Chapters 137-142. We also ascribe to a set of disability standards with a person-centered philosophy. These standards guide and govern the development of company policy and procedure in conjunction with all state and federal rules and standards.

What We Do

We are dedicated and fully committed to assisting our clients to live in the least restrictive environment while aiding them to function as a viable part of their respective communities. It is our foremost priority to treat our clients with respect and in the most dignified manner possible at all times. A-1 ABC is committed to helping individuals and their families to access and receive all services in which they may be determined eligible.

Why We're Different

A-1 Absolute Best Care’s (A-1 ABC) vision is one of continual provision of optimal Waiver services to eligible waiver individuals in the least restrictive environment as possible. A-1 ABC is fully committed to assisting Waiver Participants with functioning as viable parts of their respective communities and developing new innovative ways to facilitate positive change in their lives.

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