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Caring for Clients

Employee Timesheets & Clock-in/Clock-out

Timesheets allow caregivers to: 

  • Monitor a client's daily activity

  • Report incidents or accidents

  • Track when medication is administered

  • Record general health status of clients

  • And more!

Select which type of timesheet you need

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How to Use Fillable Timesheet

More about A-1 ABC Timesheets

Timesheets are meant to ensure a client is receiving proper care. Timesheets are vital to the success of client care and creating an inclusive and comforting experience.

Timesheets should:

Be filled out completely as instructed in training. 

Include special notes and documentation when necessary. 

Mirror the time you clocked-in and out on LaSRS.

Be submitted to A-1 ABC every MONDAY (online or in-person)

Clock-in & Clock-Out on LaSRS

LaSRS (Louisiana Services Reporting System) is currently the EVV system that the state requires DSW's and PCA's to clock-in and clock-out. Learn more about EVV policies here.

Why does this matter to me?

LaSRS is a complex system, but one feature it does not include is the ability to block DSW's from being clocked in at the same time. 

As an A-1 ABC Direct Service Worker, it is strictly prohibited to be clocked in at the same time as another Direct Service Worker. This will create incorrect information in the LaSRS as well as on your timesheet.

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