Employee Timesheet

Click the icon or the "Blank Weekly Timesheet" button to download the Employee Timesheet

Click the icon or the "Fillable Daily Timesheet" button to download the Form

How to Use Fillable Timesheet

The fillable timesheet is used as a resource to those who prefer digital documentation
NOTE** The fillable timesheet is an alternative to a handwritten timesheet and may not be as easy to navigate via mobile device.

Click a box to ADD TEXT

Click a CHECK BOX to check or circle text

Click CHECK to ensure the box is checked

Next, press DONE. 

Do not press SKIP.

There will be a text box, check box, drop down menu, or date finder in each fillable box. Learn more by following the figures below.

Within the DATE box, you will have the option to select a date. Here is what it will look like


After completing all necessary fields, submit the form. 

Our office will have a digital copy of your Timesheet, but if you feel the need, you have the option to save a copy. 

To sign a document, select a "Signature" box and then click the "Sign" icon. You will be directed to a page that asks how you want to sign.

After you choose how you want to sign, it will save your signature, avoiding this process for the remainder of filling out the document.